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Sunday 21 July 2024
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  • National Underwear Day
  • Category : Events

    Beat the summer heat by wearing nothing but your undergarments on august 5 every year.

    Freshpair founded National Underwear Day on August 5th, 2003, as a way for everyone to embrace their underwear with confidence. Since then, weve celebrated the holiday in many ways, including, New York City model events, massive underwear giveaways, a pop-up shop in Columbus Circle, and a Times Square runway show.


    Friday 06 August 2021

    Saturday 07 August 2021

    Sunday 08 August 2021
  • The Internasjonal Orgasm day
  • Category : Events

    The artist Alex Hirka unites the world for the 15th year in a row on August 8 in what he calls "The International Orgasm Day" or "One World Orgasm". Now it crashes a bit with another international orgasm day we have in December, but why discuss? The more, the better.



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