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Monday 15 April 2024
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  • The Annual Global Orgasm for Peace
  • Category : Events

    World Orgasm Day coincides with the winter solstice, and the date therefore changes
    a little from year to year. It was first held on December 22, 2006, and has since
    become an annual happening that focuses on well-being. To include
    the scientific side, then studies have shown that an orgasm stimulates
    the well-being hormone oxytocin in both men and women. The hormone suppresses
    anxiety and stimulates a sense of trust. In other words, there is nothing in it
    the way to celebrate orgasm day throughout the year ...


  • Winter Solstice
  • Category : Events

    The winter solstice is the time of year when the earth is at the point of its orbit around the sun where the northern hemisphere is furthest away from the sun. The day this occurs is the one with the shortest day length. When the sun is in the south in the middle of the day, it has its annual lowest daily maximum height above the horizon (applies north of the equator and south of the Arctic Circle). In everyday speech it is often said that the sun turns at this time. At Capricorn's tropic, the sun reaches zenith in the middle of the day at this time.

    In the northern hemisphere, winter solstices ...


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